killer bee’s

I had quite the scare this past holiday weekend.  My dog, Yoda, was outside with me running around the yard as normal.  Suddenly, she grabbed a flying insect in midair.  Within minutes she started shaking her head and whining.  She spit out a bee.  I immediately took her inside and stuck an ice-cube in her mouth. 

Soon after, I took Yoda back outside and closely observed her as I noticed her strangely lay down near our fence.  I thought it unusual so I went to see if she was OK.  I picked her up and put her on my lap. Then she started wheezing and went limp in my arms. 

I attentively ran into the house and yelled to my husband, “Brad, we need to go to the emergency vet, now.”

We quickly jumped into our car and drove frantically two miles south to the 24 hour pet hospital.  Along the way, she struggled to breathe and her eyes started fading.  I held her and made sure she was breathing while getting ready to give her CPR.  Brad drove like a maniac.  We barely knew where the ER was located, but as we turned the corner it appeared.  Yoda opened her mouth and lightly bit my cheek in an attempt to breathe.  She was fading.

I frantically ran to the locked door and started pounding.  A kid opened the door as I ran through with teary eyes. 

“PLEASE HELP.”  I cried as an assistant came out and calmly told me to wait a minute.

My husband ran in, looked at our dog and asked, “is she still breathing?”

I glanced into her eyes. She looked dead with eyes wide open, I panicked.  Brad grabbed her and the doctor and forcefully said, “my dog is dying, NOW!”

In the mean time I had a mental breakdown in the hallway.  Crying and shaking, I quickly collapsed to the floor.  “Not my girl.  Not now. Please.”

It seemed like a lifetime but soon after the assistant let us know she was alive and on oxygen and IV.  We waited while filling out paperwork.  They would  keep her overnight for observation. 

The doctor entered the waiting room, took a report and explained to me what was going on.  My dog went into anaphylactic shock.  Basically her respiratory system shut down as a result of the bee sting. She assured me that Yoda would likely be fine and that this kind of reaction to a bee sting was rare.  Then she looked at my shirt and said, “wow, that’s odd.”

I glanced down and noticed I was wearing a shirt from a bar in St. Kitts that read, “Killer Bees.”  Named after a drink they are famous for.  I agreed with the vet and contemplated the coincidence.  Odd. 

Yoda is fine now.  I follow her around and freak out at any flying object that approaches her.  I need a plastic bubble and a muzzle to protect her unique allergy as well as an epi pen.

Dark Diva Review

Latest review from Dark Diva Reviews

Deb’s Review: Intimate Encounters by Sierra Michaels immediately drew me into the characters and scenes of the sensual massage business and the struggles of the girls working at the apartment. The characters are very likable and the book is well written. It also delves into issues such as career choices, college life, suicide, guilt, and friendships. I highly recommend this book because it’s a very easy read and after the first chapter, I couldn’t put it down.

The main character, Cali, is a student paying her way through school and I found myself laughing at the interactions between her and her friends. She was easy to connect with as I was reading the story and I think Ms. Michaels wrote this role and plot line with this objective in mind. So as a reader, be prepared to connect and feel the intense emotions Cali is dealing with in each scene.

In addition, I enjoyed the place and subject matter that Cali was studying because it was fun and fascinating, at least in my opinion. This story line has many different elements or components, such as surviving in the real world, feeling of pressure to succeed, emotional battles, friendships old and new, and Intimate Encounters. In essence, it has all that and a bag of chips. The imagery and descriptors used to describe the places they traveled is amazing to the point that I could easily picture it in my mind as I read along. Moreover, the landscapes described in the story sounded breathtakingly beautiful.

I have to ask Ms. Michaels, why this plot line because it is an interesting one. Will the other girls get a book? Will Cali, if you do more books have a cameo in them? The girls are just so much fun. I also would love to see Cali find her true love. {I know, I cannot help but want that for her.}

I have to say if you want a sweet and sexy read then Intimate Encounters is a must for your book collection! Sierra Michaels is a fresh delight for this reviewer! I cannot wait to read what’s next for her.

Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!

Chapter 9 Excerpt: Palenque, Chiapas

We got the rental car and headed off, agreeing to hit the museum when we returned to Mexico City. Ray glowed with eagerness to show me his favorite ruins and old friends. Mexico City was much more crowded than I had anticipated—traffic jams, smog, cars honking, people crossing in front of traffic. The countryside was a welcome relief. A Mexican cowboy galloped by on a beautiful chocolate horse following a heard of cattle.                 

“You are going to love Moses,” he said as he reached for my hand. “And his wife is really amazing. She just got back from India, where she was studying yoga with a master.”                             

That sounds cool,” I said as I stared out the window. I took in all the beauty of the jungle and the small villages.                   

The hours flew by as the scenery and conversation flowed. We decided not to stop along the way and save any sidetracks for the return trip. As we arrived at our lodge, Ray remarked at how the property had changed. “Moses added new cabins and landscaping,” he said, surprised, as we entered the forested area.                    

“This is really remote,” I commented.                    

“That’s the point. Just you and me.”
Oh, shit,  I thought, what did I get myself into? We found Moses and he greeted us with a smile. 
“Ray, how are you, my friend? It’s been so long.” He shook Ray’s hand while giving him a loose hug.     
Moses, this is Cali.”      
“Hi,” I said with a smile as we shook hands.      
Moses was an older, distinguished Mexican man in his late sixties. He had an authentic warm smile that made me smile in return.       
“Come, come, you must see the changes we’ve made.” We walked past several newly constructed villas hidden in the jungle to the central courtyard. It was simple and natural, loosely landscaped with tropical plants and large palm trees among wooden benches and a stone walkway. Several young hippie-dressed Americans and Europeans were hanging out in the garden.  This is an interesting place, I thought.         
“Come, come, let me show you your room.” He showed us our villa and told us to meet him at the restaurant after we settled in.
 The room followed the same theme of naturally fitting into the environment. It was basic but had all the amenities, with the exception of the shower being outside.”This could be interesting,” I said to Ray. “We even get to shower with nature.”
He patted my ass, threw me on the bed, and gave me a warm, sexy kiss. “I thought you were a nature girl. You Jane, me Tarzan.” 
I laughed, then gently pushed him off me. “Come, come,” I said mocking Moses. “Let’s check out the rest of the property.” I pulled him toward the door.  

We met back up with Moses at the Restaurante Vegetariano. Ray wasn’t kidding; it was a purely vegetarian restaurant with a gypsy-type ambiance, half library with books everywhere and tables uniquely decorated with Mayan motifs scattered about.       

“My wife cooks the food herself,” said Moses.
 “I would love to meet your wife,” I said, looking around the room for her.    
“She is in the tree house. Let’s go find her.” We walked through the garden and past several stand-alone villas to the tree house. It looked like something from Alice In Wonderland. The outside was painted bright blue, green, pink and purple, all ebbing and flowing into each other. Four narrow floors were stacked upon each other, with the top floor being a combination sundeck and garden. A giant mushroom-shaped Tiki topped the center of the sundeck. No wonder hippies hang out here, I thought. It was like walking into a fantasy scene developed by Lewis Carroll. The tree house was surrounded by ginger plants, papaya, mango, and coconut trees.
 We proceeded into the house. To my surprise, it was Moses and his wife, Ana’s, home.  

press release Intimate Encounters


Intimate Encounters take a bold look into the sensual massage business

Emerging author Sierra Michaels is known for breaking the mold in her own life. Now she takes that same confidence and pioneering spirit into her debut novel, Intimate Encounters, a bold new fiction book about the inner workings of the sensual massage business. The book is slated for national release, March 25th, from Black Rose Writing.

Intimate Encounters serves up an often humorous, yet also balanced, serious behind-the-scenes look at the sensual massage business and the unique and sometimes pathological characters that work at and visit the apartment, where several young woman share. Although Intimate Encounters is a fictional account, Michaels said she based a lot of the novel on her own experience of living in Los Angeles and on her good friend, who worked in the business. Like the lead character, Cali, Michaels was a graduate student who achieved a Master’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology – something not common for women even in this modern age. Also not the norm is this groundbreaking book that explores a business few of us know much about.

Intimate Encounters follows Cali as she pursues her master’s thesis on California archaeology. What the other students and professors must not know is that by night she makes money – very good money – giving massages to strangers. At first, Cali truly enjoys working at the apartment, since it brings out the sensual side she lacks as a student. She forms a close friendship with two of the girls and a few of her regular customers, but struggles with the fact that she is doing something illegal, dangerous, and looked down upon in American society.

Shedding a light on how society looks at this profession is something that drives Michaels’ passion. It is her hope that after reading this book, people don’t judge and have a better understanding for why some women choose this path. Intimate Encounters is an intriguing portrait that depicts the financial allure, yet realistically balances the possible danger involved and consequences that may come with such a choice. Michaels invites readers to open up their minds and perhaps prejudgments, and take themselves where most have never gone in Intimate Encounters.


About the author

Sierra Michaels was born in Cincinnati then moved to Los Angeles as a young adult.  Because of her passion for culture, both past and present, she pursued a Master’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology. During her years in college she had the opportunity to travel widely and study culture first hand.  She also realized that Los Angeles gave her a unique opportunity to observe the many subcultures within the city.  It is one of these subcultures that inspired her to write Intimate Encounters. Michaels currently resides in Florida with her husband, her loving diva dog Yoda and three rebellious cats.  Most of her writing takes place at her second home in Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas.  Intimate Encounters is her debut novel.

Chapter 7 Excerpt: Just another day

The sun was rising as I drove from my condo to the Holy Cow Café, where I grabbed some coffee, and continued to the apartment. The place was the same as I left it last night, fairly clean and quiet. Ed was on time and I was still half asleep as the peaceful music of Sarah McLachlan played quietly on the CD player. I spent extra time rubbing my chest on his back as I sensually moved to the music.  I feel more sensual in the morning, I thought. After a few songs, I asked Ed to turn over.  

“You are even more beautiful than last night,” he said. 

I smiled. “Flattery will get you everywhere,” I whispered. I rubbed some oil on my hands and proceeded to slowly rub his chest. He closed his eyes and stroked my thigh. I was still feeling really sensual so I spent more time than usual on his chest. I circled his nipples with my fingers and played with his chest hair. I made patterns in the oil, following the flow of his small curly hairs. His eyes were still closed and he had a warm smile on his face as he continued to lightly stroke my inner thigh. I slowly and firmly stroked his larger than average member.  Everything’s bigger in Texas, I thought. He released silently. I wiped him off and he asked me to lay by his side for a minute, so I did.  

“I have to leave today, but I’ll be back in a few weeks. Can I call you on your cell next time I’m in town?” he asked. 

“Of course,” I said. 

“Do you see many guys?” 

“Well, it’s the nature of the business, but I only do this part-time to help me through graduate school.” 

“And where are you going to school?” 

“UCLA. I’m studying geology,” I lied. 

“Good for you,” he continued as he got dressed. “You seem like a nice girl and I would like to see you more often.” 

I don’t like to give most of the guys too much information, but Ed seemed harmless. When he left I put on my running clothes and went for a short run along the beach, leaving my car at the apartment.