2011 reflections and 2012 predictions

HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I know I’m a bit late but that seems to be my direction for the past few months.  Too much to do with too little time.  I hope 2012 frees up my schedule to do what I love…writing.  It’s part of my resolution along with about ten other things to improve upon in the new year.  As many have pointed out to me the past few weeks, according to the  Mayan calendar the apocalypse is on December 21, 2012.  Bah Humbug.  If that were true my only resolution in the new year would be to live life to the fullest.  Carpe Diem.  Wait, I already do that.  So what do I wish for in the new year? And what has 2011 taught me?  I vowed to let go of my ego in the new year after reading “The Power of Now“, but I want to embellish it for the last time or perhaps many times to come.  I can still release my ego and write about life’s experiences from my point of view. 

For several months I was captivated by biographies of music legends   such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and Jim Morrison, to name the memberable ones.  They all had interesting stories with lots of drugs, sex, fanatical fans and complete chaos. For some reason I really connected to Jim Morrison’s life story and it’s kinda scary considering the unparalleled hedonistic life he led.  Perhaps it was my connection to Venice Beach and my past life there, but I found  his history very exciting as I went on a Morrison quest during my visit to Los Angeles this past fall. 

Memorable characters such as Howard Hughs, Rob Lowe and Tina Fay also made it into my reading library as I listened to their life’s struggles and successes.  After reading all these non-fiction books I realized that we all have a story.  Each and every one of us, including myself. Some are more exciting than others but I appreciate and learn from each of them and it seems like everyone this year had a book telling their story. 

Of course I love history and the people that make it, but a good well-written novel to escape reality makes my day.  Followed by the movie, even better.  I read “The Help” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” last year and “One Day” this year all followed up by the movie…well eventually. I thought the movie “The Help” did an excellent job with character casting, acting and scenery.  The other two movies are top on my list this month.  The “Book of Joe” was also a great book but not really movie material, and that’s O.K. I still took something from it especially a writing style that emulates my own.

As for 2012, I will continue to wake up every morning and run to a powerful, joyful, life rewarding audiobook.  As for the Mayan calendar and the end of the world.  The ancient culture based their calendar on a 5,126 era, why go beyond that.  It was their conclusion of a b’ak’tun. They probably figured they could pick it up at anytime in the future and finish it, hell they have over 5,000 years to do so.  Does our society plan that long in the future?  If we are colliding with a Black Hole, I’m already doing my part…living life to the fullest.  If it’s a spiritual rebirth, I have a head start on that too with my renewed Buddhist practice.  In the meantime Carpe Diem for the new year!


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