world news and US TV

Why is it impossible to find real news on American TV anymore?   It has gotten progressively worse over the years. In the morning when I’m drinking my morning coffee I just like to see what’s happening around the world. Nowadays, this seems like an impossible task. 

It’s all political.  Don’t get me wrong politics is part of the news  but it seems like that’s all stations cover anymore.  And it’s all biased.  What happened to news reporters being non-biased?  Fox is obviously Republican and so is MSNBCCNN is Democratic. The elections of 2012 is over a year away.  Do we really have to listen to this for the next year and a half? 

 HLN is also part of CNN, but they don’t really cover anything.  Brief stories of things going on around the nation and entertainment news.  Wow, really.  At least they have weather, unlike Fox who recently added a meteorologist.  But I find myself watching HLN to get away from the annoying political coverage. 

Fox approaches every story as if it’s an emergency.  “BREAKING NEWS”  is constantly streaming across the screen.  The reporters are animated and over-react.  CNN on the other hand kills a story by talking about it in an inquisitive manner to the point where the reporter sounds completely like an idiot.

BBC is on a different time schedule and at 8:00 or 9:00 on the east coast they cover afternoon decorating programs and other random shows. 

I could read my news on the internet.  But that’s not the point.  I want to wake up and listen to someone else report important information around the world.  I don’t need to get into an in-depth discussion for a half hour on Weiner’s sexting while fires, floods and war ravage the world.


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