the power of facebook

Facebook is responsible for the revolution in Egypt.  Wow, that’s quite a bit of power for a social network.  Insanity.  History in the making.  Eighteen days of madness. I wonder how Mark Zuckerberg feels?  Weal Ghonim, the  Egyptian Google executive, is ecstatic about the  fall of Mubarak and his dictatorship.  A pharaoh turned into a despot after 30 years of rule.

I love being part of history in the making, so I would rather be there in person.  My husband thinks I’m crazy but I feel the need to be where the action is instead of watching it on TV.  I guess I should have been a reporter.

Egypt is such a powerhouse in such an unstable part of the world.  It’s full of some of the richest ancient history, artifacts and landmarks.  I wish the best for Egyptians and hope a good government and democracy arises from this revolution.  It could also go the opposite way and that could be a problem for the Egyptians and the rest of the world.


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