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I haven’t posted an excerpt from the book for a while so here’s one from chapter 12.  I have two book events coming up.  The first one is September 24th at 33rd Street Wine Bar in Fort Lauderdale, between 6:30 and 8:30.  The second is at Books and Books in Coral Gables on October 4th at 6pm.  Check out my website for more information at    
Chapter 12 excerpt:
Sandy winked and answered the phone. “No, this is her roommate, Cali. Would you like to see me? How about now?” She flirted, with a description of me that I would not have used. She giggled and glanced at me, took some notes, and hung up the phone. As she was hanging up I heard a knock at the door. Niccki answered as Sandy, and I remained silent.  
“You have a guy coming in twenty minutes or so,” Sandy said softly. “Angel worked earlier and left just before you got here. She saw four guys today.”     
“And what about the new girl, Samantha?”      

“She’s on her second.”      

 Niccki briefly came down to get some water, followed by someone I assumed was Samantha. She looked like a surfer, with a cute blond bob and a petite athletic body. She was barefoot and wearing pink undies and a tight white t-shirt that barely covered her B-sized breasts. She was carrying blue rubber gloves in her hand, and she threw them into the trash. She hurried out of the kitchen and reappeared wearing a white sundress covered in sunflowers.                        

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said to Sandy, not even acknowledging my presence.                       

“I guess that was Samantha,” I said as I looked in the trash to confirm my glove sighting. “And what’s up with the gloves?”     


Sandy laughed. “Yeah, she’s a strange one. I’ve seen all kinds of people in this business…none like her. She wears rubber gloves so no sperm touches her.” Sandy twirled her pen as she talked. “Guys request her based on her picture, but she has no regulars yet.”        
“I guess not. Rubber gloves! That can’t feel good.” I snickered and ran upstairs to get dressed and set up the room.              

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