What is Fiction?

What is fiction?

a. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented.

b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense.

One of the beauties of being a novel writer is the freedom to create characters and ultimately a story.  A piece of work that is entertaining as it takes the reader into a different world, a previously unknown world.  A good writer will have the reader believing that the novel is true and actually happened.  And this becomes one of the dangers as an author.

Many writers, myself included, look at the world around us to create characters, scenes and actions.  We may mix truth with fiction, real characters and situations with false actions to produce a novel.  Writing fiction is an extension of what naturally happens in the world around us, unless you’re writing science fiction.  Events, actions and dialogue must achieve the same effect as non-fiction.  The end result is readers get blurred and the fictional piece becomes part of their reality.

We also use research to dive deep into a subject.  We have to know that subject extensively to convince the reader that the story is actually happening.  You don’t want your audience thinking, well that could never happen.  The story no longer becomes desirable and the book is never finished.  Readers will only “suspend disbelief” for a limited time.

Good fiction writing draws the reader into the novel because the characters and story seems interesting and believable.  The characters will be likable, detested, annoying and loved.  The story will have conflicts and resolutions as it moves forward.

Fiction makes life interesting.  My first novel, Intimate Encounters, and the one I’m working on now are both fiction.  My blog includes excerpts from my first novel, as well as my second.  It also includes random thoughts and travel both fiction and non-fiction.  In any writing, the truth depends more on the writer than the facts.

For my fellow writers, do you agree or disagree?


3 thoughts on “What is Fiction?

  1. Fiction does indeed depend on reality. In my own writing I use real events as my inspiration, but often have to alter events slightly to make them fit the story I am writing or the joke I am trying to tell. I do not believe that fiction can be total pretense, because as you say…a reader will only suspend disbelief for a short time.

  2. Yes, fiction does depend on reality because, in all writing, we bring a sense of ourselves. Our life experiences influence all that we create.
    I have been working on a book for sometime that intermngles reality with fantasy, but, I believe, the reality makes the rest believable. This is my first book, but it has been my personal project. It is in progress and I am not sure how to submit it to the masses that it may actually be published one day.

    • Keep working on your book Lynn. I believe one day you will be published. Just be persistant and have a strong belief in your abilities. There are many ways to publish nowadays as the industry is changing. When you are ready, if you need any advice let me know. I just went through the whole process and I have met many writers since that chose a different route such as only e-publishing.

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