countryside to city

Flying into the DC area is always exciting.  Not only are you dealing with three busy airports but also restricted airspace with strange passages and rude Air Traffic Controllers.  It makes flying interesting especially when you throw in a broken autopilot and turbulence.  It was a short two-legged flight compared to our previous trip to the Outer Banks.  Within no time we were unpacking our bags at a relative’s farm in Maryland.

I’d forgotten the sounds of the countryside during the summer.  Quietness followed by bird chirps, moo’s and a strange bull crying for a mate.  Large bee’s were buzzing about so I kept a close eye on my bee-chomping dog, Yoda.  She was being followed by two curious large poodles.  In the evening all three dogs would run up and down the fence chasing  horses.  I could imagine the horses laughing at her, especially when she would run up, bark, then run away.  She’s the size of a cat but thinks she’s a tiger.

Jogging in the morning was heavenly.  I was alone on the country road lined with tree’s.  I didn’t need my ipod, the quiet run calmed my overly busy mind.  A few deers startled me and I reacted as if a bear was facing me.  I laughed at my concern.  This city girl definitely needed some time in the country.  The hills were a welcomed challenge.  The cool morning air was refreshing.  I could run for hours, but I limited myself to just one.

After a few days of R&R my husband and I decided to visit Manhattan for a few nights in the city.  We booked a posh dog-friendly hotel near Central Park and 5th Ave.  I wanted to fly our plane but my husband’s response was, “I’m not flying anywhere around JFK.”

We crossed several bridges and went through the Lincoln tunnel.  As we were in the tunnel I realized that I despise tunnels, even more so than bridges.  Thoughts of getting stuck traversed my mind.  “We are 70 feet below the Hudson,” my husband stated.

We had an excellent dinner followed by Times Square.  The madness.  The lights.  Tons of people. 

I got rained on during my morning run, but I didn’t care I wanted to run in Central Park.  I had an excellent jog, unlike my husband and dog’s walk.  As I was finishing I saw both of them drenched and pathetic looking.  They hid under a few structures but got kicked out. Then a bus drenched them curbside.  Yoda was not liking the city.

We did the typical tourist day, trying to fit in as much as we could.  Sight-seeing and shopping followed by more good food and drink.  Chinatown, Little Italy, WTC, Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge and hustle and bustle.  A day was not enough but it was all we could do on our schedule.

 The smells and sounds of the city overwhelmed my dog.  She didn’t go to the bathroom in over a day, until I stuck her in the planter on our terrace. They had pet psychological services available through the hotel, I guess NYC dogs need that.  Not my little Diva.


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