breakfast in bimini

My lover awoke me at sunrise for our three-week Bahamas vacation.  Our newly acquired 38 foot center console was packed with water, beer and munchies.  I was still half asleep and hung over from our late night lovemaking session. 

“Wake up,” he demanded as he stood over our bed.  “Let’s go. We can have breakfast in Bimini.”

I jumped out of bed excited about the trip and thoughts of having breakfast in a foreign country. 

“Good boat name,” I mumbled as I slipped into a bikini and shorts.

We only owned the boat for a week, and we were actively thinking about naming the boat the night before, prior to our unplanned raw sexual encounter.    Romantic thoughts of the movie and song “Breakfast at Tiffney’s” went through my mind as we pulled away from the dock. 

I helped with the dock lines and organized the boat for the two-hour crossing, all the while thinking about having breakfast in the Bahamas.  How often can you wake up and spend a few hours on the ocean and arrive in another country while most people are just going to work, I thought.  I was intrigued and fascinated by the journey.

The ocean was flat calm, like glass.  The rising sun bounced off the water and played with the sunlight. Flying fish teased the boat.  I saw Miami disappear on the horizon. We played a Jimmy Buffett CD loud as we drank our coffee.  I smelled the fresh salt air.  I admired the dinosaur-like pelican’s.  I looked forward to having Bahamian pancakes and the rest of our expedition.  I was beginning a new adventure…  A journey into the unknown, a voyage I welcomed and needed, as did my sweetheart.

In no time we arrived at Bimini Sands, a resort and restaurant  fifty miles from Miami, a two-hour boat ride.  I was refreshed and eager about breakfast.  I was someplace foreign and I loved it.  It was still early in my current world and things were just  brewing in Bimini.  I was awake and ready to explore.


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