sex in the city 2

 I recently had  a night out with several girlfriends to watch Sex in the City 2.  Unlike my norm when going to the movies, we decided to dress up instead of down.  We put on our best shoes, bags, capes and dresses.  Well maybe not our finest, but we still looked damn good for sitting in a dark theater for hours.  There was talk about renting a limo, but our better part of reason took over.  After all we’re not in LA or NY, just a quiet town in Florida. 

The sky opened up on my 10 minute drive to the theater. Not just a shower, but a solid thunderstorm with a deluge of rain and lightning.  I worried about Tina’s hair frizzing.  I worried about getting drenched since I never carry an umbrella.  But as I arrived the downpour subsided to a very light mist.  We took a few pictures, grabbed a supersize popcorn and eagerly shuffled into a desireable row of seats.

We loudly whispered during the previews with approval and non-approval of upcoming movies while passing around the supersize popcorn.  Everyone had a napkin to plop a serving of popcorn on our laps.  Nothing better than salt, butter and crunch for dinner.  Not to mention the laughter.

A movie like this deserves the company of many girlfriends.  One person’s laughter sparks another’s.  And it helps to have a friend with a big laugh.  A laugh that fills the room very distinguishable from any other.  One that makes you smile and chuckle when you need it. One that makes you forget and takes you into the moment.  A few hours to escape… is what I believe makes some movies so popular in our culture.

And then there was the unforgettable crowd “boo”.  A gasp.  A changing moment in the plot and film.  One obviously unapproved of in the half-empty theater.

I won’t give it away, but it had to do with something as simple as a kiss.  A kiss that broke the audience’s trust and approval.  Just a kiss but in the moment it felt like the kiss of death, the death of a relationship.  And as normal in Hollywood, by the end  it turned out good.

After the movie we all went for drinks across the street to bond and discuss the film.  We ordered cocktails and Barbara brought up “the kiss”. Is it really such a big deal to deserve a “boo?”  A character flaw?  A heartbreak?

In the mean time I was texting my husband to let him know that I was out with the girls for a few drinks after the movie.  I was half listening to the conversation while texting.  I received a text back from Brad reading, ” I don’t understand why you are going to have a kiss with the girls.” 

I almost spit out my drink when I read his text and then mine.  Apparently, I had texted  him, “going to have a kiss with the girls.”  Wait I meant drink! 

I texted back frantically. “Not a kiss, a drink! ” We all had a good laugh. 

Funny how the mind works when trying to chew gum and walk at the same time. When I got home I explained to my husband the text and the movie. I think his mind got carried away!

So have you seen the movie and what do you think of  the movie in general?  And of “the kiss.”


One thought on “sex in the city 2

  1. I really enjoyed the imagery. This sounded like a stellar outing. “The Kiss”? Oh, that kiss… I can’t really expound without the spoilers, but I
    will definitely say that understanding should definitely be in order with that situation, I think with the amount of endurance that person exhibited in respect to their significant other’s “shinanagans” over time, it’s excusable. ^_^ The movie overall? I’d keep some things & do away with some, but it was pleasing and appeasing. Great Post!

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