writing groups

I recently joined a local writing group. We meet at Borders every few weeks to critique and praise each other’s work, as well as offer insight and suggestions.  It started out as four women writers but one had to drop out of the group because her publishing deadline went from November to June.  Needless to say she is very busy editing her novel and had to forgo the creative group for now.  Our small group is composed of Tina, Barb and myself.  Barb is working on her second novel to be released on Kindle towards the end of summer. Tina, although published in magazines and short stories, is finishing her first book.  And I just released my first novel.  I’m looking for some feedback since I’m always striving to improve my writing.  Especially since I’ve been thinking about book number two, yet to be written.  I’m also hoping to make some long-term connections among fellow local authors.  The three of us work so well together and have strong points and diversity in writing and life, all adding to the mixture.  After only three meet-ups I feel like I’ve made some new friends.

The first two times we got lucky and found a private table in the corner of Borders where we could sit undisturbed for hours of discussion.  We all noticed at the end of our first gathering a young man directly behind us eavesdropping.  Or so it appeared since he stared at his book for hours, only turning the page once.  I guess our steamy conversation caught his ear.

At our most recent meeting we weren’t lucky enough to find our private table in the corner unoccupied.  In fact, all seats and tables in Borders were full except for “the kids corner”.  We asked an employee if she minded if we put a few chairs in a circle for our conversation.  She didn’t mind at least for the first hour.  We quietly chatted undisturbed as kids came and played behind us at the little Tonka Toy station.  Then it came to the discussion of my book.  We kept it “G” rated.  Then Tina quietly mentioned “climax” meaning the climax in my novel.  The attendant quickly ran over and suggested  they find us another table since the parents needed a place to sit while their kids browsed books and played with toys.  We left with a silent chuckle and told her we would move our conversation.  Coincidence?  I think not.

The chairs and tables were still taken, so we found a secluded corner, plopped down on the floor and continued our productive rendezvous.  It happened to be in the chick-lit section of the store.  At the end of our afternoon we admired the book covers around us, stretched our legs and agreed to meet next week .

Is anyone else in a reading group who would like to share their experience?


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