press release Intimate Encounters


Intimate Encounters take a bold look into the sensual massage business

Emerging author Sierra Michaels is known for breaking the mold in her own life. Now she takes that same confidence and pioneering spirit into her debut novel, Intimate Encounters, a bold new fiction book about the inner workings of the sensual massage business. The book is slated for national release, March 25th, from Black Rose Writing.

Intimate Encounters serves up an often humorous, yet also balanced, serious behind-the-scenes look at the sensual massage business and the unique and sometimes pathological characters that work at and visit the apartment, where several young woman share. Although Intimate Encounters is a fictional account, Michaels said she based a lot of the novel on her own experience of living in Los Angeles and on her good friend, who worked in the business. Like the lead character, Cali, Michaels was a graduate student who achieved a Master’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology – something not common for women even in this modern age. Also not the norm is this groundbreaking book that explores a business few of us know much about.

Intimate Encounters follows Cali as she pursues her master’s thesis on California archaeology. What the other students and professors must not know is that by night she makes money – very good money – giving massages to strangers. At first, Cali truly enjoys working at the apartment, since it brings out the sensual side she lacks as a student. She forms a close friendship with two of the girls and a few of her regular customers, but struggles with the fact that she is doing something illegal, dangerous, and looked down upon in American society.

Shedding a light on how society looks at this profession is something that drives Michaels’ passion. It is her hope that after reading this book, people don’t judge and have a better understanding for why some women choose this path. Intimate Encounters is an intriguing portrait that depicts the financial allure, yet realistically balances the possible danger involved and consequences that may come with such a choice. Michaels invites readers to open up their minds and perhaps prejudgments, and take themselves where most have never gone in Intimate Encounters.


About the author

Sierra Michaels was born in Cincinnati then moved to Los Angeles as a young adult.  Because of her passion for culture, both past and present, she pursued a Master’s degree in Anthropology with a concentration in Archaeology. During her years in college she had the opportunity to travel widely and study culture first hand.  She also realized that Los Angeles gave her a unique opportunity to observe the many subcultures within the city.  It is one of these subcultures that inspired her to write Intimate Encounters. Michaels currently resides in Florida with her husband, her loving diva dog Yoda and three rebellious cats.  Most of her writing takes place at her second home in Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas.  Intimate Encounters is her debut novel.


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