Chapter 6 excerpt

The wind howled throughout the night. My tent was flapping around when I got up in the middle of the night to get some water. I laid in my sleeping bag listening to the wind and wondered if everyone else was also unable to sleep. My mind started wandering as I thought about everything going on in my life. I loved archeology but I needed to finish graduate school so that I could have a normal existence—a steady job, husband, and maybe kids someday. Hell, maybe even the white picket fence that I never wanted. But it seemed normal right now, and nothing in my life was normal. I dated, but couldn’t get serious because of my double life; the secret apartment where I give pleasure to men; where I could be a girl with other girls who never seem to have a problem with their job. I loved my life, but it was anything but normal. And ever since the incident on Monday night, I was fearful of being alone at the apartment. I wasn’t even supposed to work that Monday. I wanted to scream, I wanted to dance, I wanted to sleep. 


3 thoughts on “Chapter 6 excerpt

  1. Hi Sierra, I see you do have a Gravatar. Enjoyed your blog. Love the stuff about your dog. My cat chews shoes. Unusual but true. One time he swallowed a piece and $3K and one operation later, I was presented with a little crumb of chewed shoe by the vet. Ah, our pets. We love them.

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