troubled dog

OK, I won’t usually blog about my dog, but this one is too funny to pass up. 

Tonight I went to relax in my hot tub after a long week and a cool Florida evening. I slipped out of my pajamas and socks and quickly slid into the hot water.  As I was relaxing with a glass of wine, my husband let out our dog, Yoda, then joined me in the hot tub.  We watched her run around  and then I saw her mischievously sprint across the yard carrying something in her mouth.  So I said to my husband  “Yoda has an animal in her mouth.  It’s white, I think?”

“Are you sure it’s not your sock?”  he responded.

I thought about his question and the fact that she does have and obsession with socks and earlier in the day I caught her chewing on my bra.  With this realization, I looked down at my discarded clothes  and recognized she took my sock from right under me.  She proudly ran across the yard again with the object in her mouth. I called “Yoda”.  She went in the other direction and came back empty mouthed.  I called her name again and she disappeared.  So I decided to get out of the hot tub to see what’s up.  I found her in front of the door with my sock covered in mud and innocent look on her muzzle.  It reminded me of the commercial “troubled” by Traveler’s Insurance…but with a more troubled dog.

“It’s not me,”  I could imagine her thinking with deception.  “No, not me.  The cat did it!”


2 thoughts on “troubled dog

  1. Love it! It’s so funny to me how our three (1 dog, 1 cat, 1 kitten) all have such personality. I was on the phone with my mother last week, and I’m telling her about how “McCabe does this, but Isis does that, and Buck instigates the whole thing….”

    We could probably write books on each pet…no one would believe the quirkiness and personality in each and every animal.

    • I totally agree! They are like my kids, I can watch them in amazement. Last night I caught my pup burying some chewed gum in the back yard! Not sure who dropped gum in our yard but she sure found it.

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