A new appreciation for editing

I have a new appreciation for editors now that I’m working on hopefully my final edit.  Line by line, word by word is taxing on the mind.  I’ve looked over my manuscript numerous times and I’m still amazed on how I can overlook certain minor mistakes.  That’s why it helps to have a friend or editor look it over.  In my case it was both, but more recently my friend Barbara went through it with a red pen.  I definitely picked the right person.  Barbara reads novels on a daily basis and as part of her job she does some document writing and editing.  More importantly, she knows me well and can point out weak parts of the book and recommend changes.  She also has an eye for word choice, punctuation and overall flow of the book.  You got to love a friend like that!   I specifically like the personal comments such as “Wow” and “Awesome”  on parts of the book that shine through.  I think as a writer I sometimes overlook small details.  Although important, my eyes just gloss over the difference between  “in” or “on” for example.  But when comparing the two it does matter for the flow of the book.  The same holds true for comma’s.  Most are obvious but other times it’s not so obvious. 

The book is looking very polished and ready to go to print.  Today I approved the book cover, both front and back, and it looks awesome.  I will be posting it on my website next week.  For those of you that don’t know the  website is www.sierramichaels.com


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