Chapter Three Selection from Intimate Encounters

I sipped a good portion of my wine, then took my bag upstairs to set up one of the rooms and get changed. Dirty towels were piled in the closet, but plenty of clean towels were stacked on the shelves. I placed the towels on the futon and my oil on the floor, lit the candles, and slipped on my violet satin baby-doll teddy with matching g-string. I heard the phone ring and concurrently a knock on the door, so I hurried back downstairs thinking Seth might be early. I like to answer the door for my own clients, although I don’t always mind if someone is sitting on the couch. It depends on who I’m seeing and the girls I’m working with. Some guys change their mind and want the other one sitting on the couch, although that’s rare. Hiding is an extra precaution that most girls agreed on. Angel opened the door before I made it downstairs.

“Hey girly.” Angel smiled and flipped her hair as Roxy walked in wearing her work suit. She looked unintentionally sexy in form-fitting gray pants that showed off her perfectly round butt, a blue button-down shirt, and a matching gray jacket.

Angel continued, “We’re both booked for the next hour.”

The phone rang and I answered as I scooted past Roxy and Angel. “Hello, is this Angel?”

“No, this is her roommate. Hold on, Angel is right here.” I handed over the phone.

“Hi, this is Angel.”

“I’m in the parking lot, what’s your apartment number?”

“Thirty-one E. See you in a minute, sweetie.”

Roxy ran to the kitchen with her bag to hide and I stayed on the couch since I’d already said I was her roommate. Angel grinned at me with her crooked smile and answered the door. An older balding man walked in sporting a tan jacket covering a white button-down shirt and jeans. He could easily have been one of my professors. Another reason I liked to hide—less exposure. He was pleased with Angel, I could tell by his beaming round face. He looked at me and smiled. “What is your name?” he asked.

“Cali,” I said shyly, with a slight smile.

Angel took his hand and led him upstairs. Roxy joined me on the couch as the phone rang.


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