becoming domestic

I started spring cleaning today.  I know, it’s not spring but I’m actually continuing from last spring…it seems never-ending.  I’m starting with our guest bedroom, a nice room but a bit unorganized.  It has become a storage room for objects I didn’t want to deal with or throw away.  It occurred to me when a friend came to visit from out-of-town that the room needed some work, otherwise it might go unnoticed for another few years.  I started the project today with the simple task of touching up the paint on a small area where I had a poster gummed to the wall.  It’s the bright orange sticky stuff that binds a poster to the wall.  The poster fell but  the gum stains remained.  So I asked my husband if I should put newspaper down before painting.  His response,  “Have you ever painted before?”

“Um, no”  I realized.

So it took me all of three minutes to touch up the wall but it occurred to me that there are many domestic things I haven’t done around the house.  For instance, when I was working at the museum my boss asked me to iron the tablecloths for a fundraising event we were having that evening.  I told her I’ve never ironed before and she was shocked. 

“I don’t need to iron.  I just fluff it up in the dryer with a wet towel and it’s good enough for me.”

She still looked at me flabbergasted  and passed the task to another employee.  After all she hired me as the educational director, not housekeeper.  But I have to admit I took pride in my painting today.  I looked at the wall in amazement at how the orange stains disappeared and I didn’t make a mess.  I didn’t need the newspaper afterall.  Now I want to paint some more for the enjoyment of seeing the end product and ultimately seeing myself become somewhat more domesticated.  I might even try ironing this year…or not.

As a side note, I’m still learning this blogging thing and the spacing seems off to me when I blog.  If anyone knows how to correct that, please let me know.


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