running in florida

Today’s post has nothing to do with writing, but as I mentioned sometimes I will ramble about thoughts I had for the day…many of these occur during my daily morning run.

It has been cold the last week in Florida, but I didn’t think it was so cold to cause lizards to freeze to death.  While I was running I saw two dead lizards, medium-sized lizards that were not iguanas, but a bit smaller.  Just laying there dead in the middle of the sidewalk.  I almost stepped on one and got so disturbed that I ran into the street almost risking my life with ongoing traffic.  I’m not sure why dead animals bother me, but they do.  I don’t even like lizards but seeing them suddenly dead on the sidewalk from cold weather, or anything else is disturbing.  Rest in peace little frozen lizards.

I enjoy running through the neighborhood on garbage/recycling day.  I find joy in looking at what people recycle versus what they toss into the garbage.  It must be the archaeologist in me. I find it very odd that people will recycle newspaper, but not the pizza box from the night before.  Why?  Cardboard should be recycled!  Why paper and not the cardboard from everything bought.  The white garbage bags allow me to peer into the family’s throw aways and the habits that people keep.  Leaving me to believe that we are creatures of habit.   I recycle everything and I’m sure the employees whom pick up my recycling bins hate me for the overflowing, unorganized bins filled with bottles, cans, used frozen veggie bags, plastic from my veggie meatballs and junk mail that goes directly from the mailbox to the bin.  Enough ranting for now.  The next blog will be an excerpt from the first chapter in my book.


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